4 Common Coding Bootcamp Myths Busted

By Dan Marshall

Coding is partly about changing the way you think, so let’s start now. Let’s question how we think about coding bootcamps.

#Myth 1: You need to be a Maths or Science expert.

For lots of people, coding seems to come with a misconception that you need incredible knowledge of Maths or Science. In fact, to get a job you need high technical abilities. Those can be learned whatever your background. No higher maths required. If you’re not sure that your skills or background will fit, we’ll help you find out. 

These three challenges will help you understand what exactly lies ahead of you on a course. Maths might help with these assignments, but it’s not essential. Same for Science. Oh and Computer Science. It won’t hurt to have this knowledge, but you don’t strictly need it.

Think of coders and you might imagine geeks working on hard stuff that us simpletons could never comprehend. Mind-bending algebra problems that only a genius could solve. We get flashbacks to school and that feeling when your classmates miraculously ‘got it’ and perhaps you didn’t. Perhaps you just saw numbers swirling in a vortex of doom. Well, coding is the opposite. No vortex of doom. Instead we offer a lot of intense learning and a little blue sky.

#Myth 2: They’re too expensive

When investing in your own learning, the old saying is true, you get what you pay for. 

Here’s a few more reasons it’s not as expensive as you think.

You’re likely to get a nice salary

Soon after you graduate, you’re likely to have your first developer job. Salaries obviously vary hugely depending on sector and company size. But even on a developer starting salary, the Return on Investment (ROI) is fast and secure. You’re able to safely pay back the tuition fees with the pay cheque you’re likely to earn afterwards.

Cost per hour of learning is super low

Have a think about how many hours of learning you need. Compared to the tuition fees for relatively fewer hours of learning per week, on a longer course, we think it’s worth it.

You can deal with the opportunity cost

Consider the opportunity cost of spending three months at bootcamp vs. three years at University, with all the outgoings and loss of earnings that that entails. Considered in this way, bootcamp is much cheaper. As bootcamps are shorter than a degree, your total outgoings won’t be as high and you’ll be earning sooner.

#Myth 3: You could teach yourself the same stuff remotely

Immersing yourself fully is proven to be a more effective approach. Like learning a language, you need to surround yourself in what you’re learning. You’ll need that original ‘teach yourself’ mentality, but it’s crucial to build on that prior learning with others.

#Myth 4: Bootcamp won’t give you a job

This is a funny one. It’s not a myth, it’s true. No bootcamp will give you a job on a plate.

Let’s break it down. ‘Bootcamp’ is a broad umbrella term. Dig a little deeper and the more immersive bootcamps should have rigorous data available. Investigate how they measure their hiring rate. Do they count internships in that rate?

Some bootcamp programs are light, others are more advanced and so cost more money. Some will get you up and running, coding your first website. Others will direct you to a more professional outcome.Whether it’s for your startup, or to join an existing team, we’ll get you ready.

We won’t give you a role on a plate. We’ll give you all the ingredients to cook up a job for yourself. Those ingredients include interview tips, professional CV management and networking opportunities. Most of all they include the skills built over the three month course that enable you to win your first offer.

Whatever your doubts about coding bootcamps, keep an open mind.

Have a look at the evidence and ask your potential bootcamps for missing information, they should provide it. There are all sorts of ways to learn coding. We’ve dispelled a few myths here, but that’s not to suggest Bootcamps are for everyone. Everyone has a different way of learning and our method is unique.


Ask yourself what do I want from this experience? What do I want to build? When do I want to start working? If you’re up for three months of intense learning and a job at the end of it, join a bootcamp. 




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