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Learn to Code after High School

By Dan Marshall

Great Article from Course Report! Link to the full article at bottom of the page. Not sure if a programming bootcamp vs. college is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Start with a thorough self-assessment: consider what you can afford, the time you can dedicate to an educational program, the skills that you want to learn…

Congrats to our Summer Grads for 100% Job placement!

By Dan Marshall

Congratulations! We are excited about the graduates of our summer session. Within 3 weeks of graduation, all of our summer students have acquired Jobs in the coding field! We are very proud of them all!  Great Job! Learn more about our program and Apply today for our Winter session.  LEARN TO CODE! It PAYS!

Untapped Code Academy Code Bootcamp on WCPO TV

By Dan Marshall

Untapped code academy was featured on the WCPO news. Our bootcamp offers complete code training certification.  We also offer Scholarships each session, check out Contact Us today for more information. Here is the video of our featured spot! https://www.untappedcode.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Untapped-on-WCPO.mp4

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