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Learn to Code after High School

By Dan Marshall

Great Article from Course Report! Link to the full article at bottom of the page. Not sure if a programming bootcamp vs. college is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Start with a thorough self-assessment: consider what you can afford, the time you can dedicate to an educational program, the skills that you want to learn…

Why every Millennial should learn code!

By Dan Marshall

We found this awesome article online and couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Coding has quickly become a must-have skill in today’s world.  AI is quickly becoming more and more prevalent in our world and it takes code developers to make it all work!   Here is the intro to the article, click the link to…

The New Blue Collar Job is Coding

By Dan Marshall

The new Trade to learn is becoming obvious, it’s CODING! Check out this article from WIRED Magazine where they talk about Coding being the new Blue Collar work and how code camps are helping grow this workforce!

Things to Do to Land a Junior Web Developer Job

By Dan Marshall

With all the lucrative, flexible jobs being reported in tech (side note: many of these tech jobs don’t require a computer science degree), and growing opportunities to have a tech career outside of tech companies, you might find yourself asking how hard it is to find a tech job in the first place. One of the most…

Coding Bootcamps Provide High-Demand Tools for New Generation Workforce

By Dan Marshall

Growing up, many of us heard the same advice from our parents, teachers, and guidance counselors as we talked about the future: to succeed, you need a degree from a 4-year college. Our culture is so college-centric, the question people often ask is where you’re going to college, rather than if. This belief once seemed…

How to Maximize Time During a Bootcamp so you Leave with a Job

By Dan Marshall

If you’re getting ready to start a bootcamp course, congratulations! You’re making a giant leap into a new and exciting career in tech. But with all the time and money that goes into attending an intensive coding course, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of these months so you’re job-ready by the…

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