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Do you Know How to Code? Would you Like to Learn?

By Dan Marshall

Do you know how to write computer code? If so, how did you learn? If not, are you interested in taking a class? Boot camps that teach coding are popping up all over, and, according to an article in The Times, most graduates are finding well-paying jobs. In “Web-Era Trade Schools, Feeding a Need for Code,” Tamar…

Things to Do to Land a Junior Web Developer Job

By Dan Marshall

With all the lucrative, flexible jobs being reported in tech (side note: many of these tech jobs don’t require a computer science degree), and growing opportunities to have a tech career outside of tech companies, you might find yourself asking how hard it is to find a tech job in the first place. One of the most…

Learning to Code (for 2019)

By Dan Marshall

1. The initial programming language(s) you learn should align with your goals You’ll sometimes see senior engineers encourage others to try and first learn a language like C because they’ll gain a better understanding of important computer science concepts. The problem with this is that you can in fact learn how to code and get a software…

What Does a Web Developer Do? The Builders of the Virtual World

By Dan Marshall

Did you know there are over one billion websites in the world today? There is a new site created practically every second, as shown by a counter on the site Internet Live Stats. That amazing stat means one thing: Web developers are in demand to create, update and maintain the exploding number of sites in the…

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