The New Blue Collar Job is Coding

By Dan Marshall

The new Trade to learn is becoming obvious, it’s CODING!

Check out this article from WIRED Magazine where they talk about Coding being the new Blue Collar work and how code camps are helping grow this workforce!

From the WIRED.com article;

WHEN I ASK people to picture a coder, they usually imagine someone like Mark Zuckerberg: a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in a feverish 72-hour programming jag—with the goal of getting insanely rich and, as they say, “changing the world.”

But this Silicon Valley stereotype isn’t even geographically accurate. The Valley employs only 8 percent of the nation’s coders. All the other millions? They’re more like Devon, a programmer I met who helps maintain a ­security-software service in Portland, Oregon. He isn’t going to get fabulously rich, but his job is stable and rewarding: It’s 40 hours a week, well paid, and intellectually challenging. “My dad was a blue-­collar guy,” he tells me—and in many ways, Devon is too.

Read the rest of the Story at WIRED.com 

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