Untapped Potential

We want to Tap in to Cincinnati's Potential!


We believe that there is a great deal of potential in our city that has yet been able to blossom.  We have the next potential Bill Gates or Steve Jobs right here in our city, in our schools and on our streets.   Many of these bright minds do not have the opportunity to flex their ability due to difficult circumstances.

Untapped Code is teaming up with the City  and businesses and organizations throughout Cincinnati to give a hand up to help grow that Untapped Potential in our City!

What we do

Untapped Code Academy teaches Full Stack Development.  Code is quickly becoming the next “Blue Collar” trade.  The need for coders continues to grow and employees enter this market with strong salaries and benefits.    We believe providing training for this skill can break chains and really help people change their lives.

Our course is designed for Beginners in code and offers them full immersion into development.  When they leave they will have had time coding in all the most popular languages and frameworks.   We will build a portfolio and resume.  Our partner, Triple E Partner’s will then start helping look for placement.     

How you can Help!



Help us find the Untapped Potential in our City.  Do you know a student about to graduate? Doesn’t have enough for college? Is interested in a career in technology?

We are always on the lookout for those looking for a hand up, who want to learn and grow.  We offer more than just Code education, we offer a clear guided path to employment in a rapidly expanding field. 



We are working with city partners to identify qualified Candidates for our program.  Our students are driven to succeed and have a thirst for learning technology.  These candidates just don’t have the resources to afford the additional education to get to the next level.  

You can make a difference by Sponsoring a Class or a student! Untapped Code offers special rates for Sponsored Participants.  

Our sponsored classes will be branded and advertised with the Sponsors name as an involved.  Featured on our Website and social Media and received a photo of your “Untapped Potential” Sponsored Class. 

We also need partners for partial scholarships.  We can help our students in funding of the majority of their costs through numerous programs including our own scholarships, In House financing, ISA’s and traditional student loan programs.  
You can help send a qualified candidate through our program for as little at $3000.

Breaking chains and growing the next generation.